Today's kilns
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The vitality of Impruneta terracotta is still evident in the production activity of the kilns. Seventeen are still active in the municipal district: some are now considered historical, while others have been founded in extremely recent years. They all process exclusively the marl excavated in the area, using artisanal techniques practically unchanged over the centuries and which only in part have been complemented with more modern technologies. The Impruneta kilns operate in two sectors: that of materials for building, ranging from costly terracotta or cocciopesto floor tiles to modern ventilated walls and brise-soleils, and that of jars, pitchers, basins, pots and other garden furnishings, still handcrafted using coiling, imprint mould and shell techniques.

Kilns present here

F.lli Masini s.n.c.

Via delle Fornaci, 57/59 – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2011683
Fax +39 055 2313211

The Masini terracotta factory has been situated, since 1939, in one of the ancient premises that used to belong to the Vanni family, active in Via delle Fornaci as far back as 1681. A plaque bearing the date 1840 placed in the interior of the building possibly refers to renovation work, while, as a consequence of the bombing during the Second World War, the façade of the factory was seriously damaged and had to be rebuilt later on. The artefacts, most of which produced using the ancient moulds and the 19th-century models of the Vanni family, are handcrafted and fired in the modern kerosene kilns. The ancient wood-burning kilns, still visible inside the factory, have instead been transformed into drying rooms where the heat remaining from the firing is utilized to dry the pieces. The Fratelli Masini firm is among the founders of the Associazione Fornaci Storiche e Artistiche di Impruneta, or Impruneta Association of the Historical and Artistic Kilns.

Fornace Pesci

Via delle Fornaci, 26/A – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2012066
Fax +39 055 2011488

Born as a small artisanal terracotta factory in the early 20th century, already by the mid-century it had started to become an industrial enterprise busily producing Impruneta terracotta floor tiles and coatings. Thanks to the efforts made by Paolino Pesci and then especially by his sons Alviero, Giorgio and Marco, who, in 1976, reorganized the firm and founded the Fornace Pesci, today the firm has reached the fourth generation and produces quality tiles and bricks using the most advanced technologies in a modern factory, placed side by side with the older one, where traditional artefacts such as pitchers, oil jars, basins, flowerpots and furnishings, are still produced. The marl from the family quarry gives the earthenware an unmistakably warm and soft colour known in fact as “Pesci pink”.

Mario Mariani

Via di Cappello, 29 – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2011950
Fax +39 055 2011137

The heir of an ancient family of kiln owners from Impruneta, Mario Mariani continues the tradition of handcrafted terracotta items in an 18th-century plant, whose principal features of this type of industrial buildings have remained intact. Clay is quarried by hand, placed to dry under the roofing which faces the entrance to the plant, and then screened and mixed with the help of a mixing machine – this being the only concession to modernity – such that it is ready for the following phases of the working process: for the so-called “work in the round”, to produce pitchers, oil jars, basins and garden flowerpots, or for the “flat work” to make bricks, flat and curved roofing tiles, all strictly made by hand, one by one. The firing takes place inside a so-called “Roman-like” kiln: the firing chamber is loaded, or rather filled, with all the artefacts previously dried in the air and the kiln opening is walled up with firebricks, while in the firebox the wood fire is lit, which will last about three days. The cooling will instead take two other entire days before it is possible to demolish the firebrick work and finally take out the terracotta items.


Via di Cappello, 31 – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. e Fax +39 055 2011414

Founded in 1967 by Angiolo Mariani, the Manifattura Imprunetana Terrecotte Artistiche e Laterizi, better known with the acronym of M.I.T.A.L., has its seat in Via di Cappello in the late 18th-century terracotta factory which once belonged to the Scacciati family. Purchased by the founder of the family, Anselmo Mariani presumably at the beginning of the 20th century, right after having left the previous seat at Ferrone, where they had carried on their trade since the end of the 19th century, the factory initially produced exclusively handcrafted bricks, tiles and other building materials. This production was later complemented, especially thanks to the impetus given by Anselmo’s sons, Angiolo and Armeno Mariani, by ornamental terracotta items, consisting in particular of pitchers, oil jars, garden basins and flowerpots, besides reliefs and statues also large-sized. The items still today are strictly handcrafted and they are produced using coil, mould and slump techniques. The firing of the artefacts is mixed, in some phases they use wood, while in others kerosene. The M.I.T.A.L. firm, today run by the three sons of Angiolo Mariani, Luigi, Franco and Enrico, is one of the founding members of the Associazione Fornaci Storiche e Artistiche di Impruneta or Impruneta Association of the Historical and Artistic Kilns.

Cotto REF s.p.a.

Via di Cappello, 26/41 – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2011013
Fax +39 055 2313210

The terracotta factory founded in 1660 by the Ricceri family, has been the property of the Brunori family since 1946. In ancient times it produced handmade bricks, roofing tiles, flat tiles, curved tiles as well as other bricks used in building, but later on it also specialized in the production of ornamental terracotta items and of large pitchers and oil jars. In the second half of the 19th century, the firm became one of the most important Impruneta factories, famous for its terracotta sculptures also large-sized, and for its extremely rich choice of artistic majolica pieces as well. The factory archive houses a collection of over three thousand plaster models and moulds, many of which are still in use, gathered together already at the time of the Ricceri family. At the back of the plant, inside which different types of kilns are visible, ranging from the ancient wood burning kilns to the more modern methane ones, lies a vast exposition space where it is possible to admire part of the immense collection of samples of the firm. Whereas the production of earthenware floor tiles and coverings is carried out by means of machinery, that of flowerpots, pitchers, oil jars and ornaments is still strictly handmade.

Massimo Carbone

Via di Cappello, 45 – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2313396

Massimo Carbone is surely among the youngest of the Impruneta terracotta craftsmen. After a ten- year apprenticeship with the Mario Mariani terracotta factory, where he learnt and perfected all the traditional techniques such as coil work, he has recently opened his own establishment along Via di Cappello where he produces, entirely by hand and without the help of any tool, pitchers, oil jars, flowerpots and ornaments both for interiors and gardens, often customized with bands, inscriptions or abundant trimmings with phytomorphic patterns modelled by freehand.

Terrecotte Alessandro Corsiani

Via Europa, 10 – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2010000
Fax +39 055 2012224

In 1991 Alessandro Corsiani founded this family-run business which produces exclusively ornamental terracotta pieces and hand-made terracotta floor tiles, also custom-made ones. After having learned the tricks of the trade during his apprenticeship to Carlo Chiti's kiln, where he began to work at the age of fifteen, Alessandro Corsiani started his own activity and is today one of the youngest kiln owners in Impruneta. The artefacts are here produced following the traditional phases ranging from the digging, grinding and mixing of the clay to the actual making of the terracotta items which is carried out using various techniques: the so-called “posteggiatura", or with shells or imprint moulds in plaster especially made for this purpose. The firing, which takes place only after the objects have been dried in the open air, lasts approximately fifty hours at a temperature ranging from 750 to 1000°C.

Luca Vanni

Vicolo della Barazzina, 7– 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2312247

Luca Vanni, a sculptor, model maker and restorer, inherited from his father Antonio, the heir of an ancient family of kiln owners, the passion for handcrafting the Impruneta clay. Their speciality is the production of vivacious bas-reliefs representing scenes of country life, of traditional farming activities or of Florence’s monuments and squares, sometimes enriched with a lively polychromy obtained through cold colouring. Luca Vanni has executed reliefs for numerous churches and convents in Tuscany and some of his works have been placed in one of the squares of Sarajevo, rebuilt, after the wartime destruction, in Impruneta terracotta.

Sergio Ricceri

Via Fabbiolle, 12/16 – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. e Fax +39 055 2313790

This branch of the Ricceri family was already engaged in the production of terracotta items during the 18th century, but it was especially in the 20th century that the factory expanded, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Giuseppe Ricceri, who, upon discovering a deposit of fireclays in the area of Santa Fiora on Mount Amiata, established a brickworks there, besides some others including the one he founded as far as Libya. Under his two sons Giacinto and Raffaello, the Impruneta plant specialized in flowerpots for large plants and became the official supplier of the Vatican which uses them in its own gardens. Then, in the 1950’s, Raffaello built his own factory producing small decorative objects, not only in terracotta but in majolica as well. Today, Raffaello’s son, Sergio Ricceri, carries out constant experimentation both on materials - like earthenware, but also bucchero and majolica, - and on the finishing in particular, improving the cold-resistant enamels, the craquelé or the variously aging effects, which give a durable patina to the different types of ceramics.

Poggi Ugo

Via Imprunetana, 16 – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2011077
Fax +39 055 2313852

The Poggi Ugo brickworks is situated in the ancient premises along the road leading to Tavarnuzze. The building, according to a recent documentary discovery, seems to date back to the 13th century, with important 16th–century extension work still visible in the structure of the brickworks. In 1919 Tommaso Tobia Poggi, of a very ancient family of kiln owners, purchased from the Vanni family the brickworks and the marl quarry from which the clay to produce bricks, roofing tiles, spouts, basins, and oil jars was dug out. Together with his sons Augusto and Ugo, he continued the tradition of the Impruneta terracotta. Today the activity is run by Ugo Poggi’s daughters, Licia and Liliana, with the help of their children Antonella and Lorenzo. The production includes, besides classical-style artefacts, also a line of modern design items as well as objects where earthenware is coated and embellished by thin cold patinas giving remarkable decorative effects. The Poggi Ugo firm is one of the founding members of the Associazione Fornaci Storiche e Artistiche di Impruneta or Impruneta Association of the Historical and Artistic Kilns.

Pesci Giorgio e Figli

Via Provinciale Chiantigiana, 36 – at Falciani – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2326285
Fax +39 055 2326607

The firm Pesci Giorgio & Figli was born in 1996, when Giorgio Pesci, after training professionally by working together with his brothers under the guidance of their grandfather, decided to set up his own brickworks, assisted by his children Elisabetta and Andrea. The brickworks, still a family business, produces traditional Impruneta terracotta items and uses only artisanal methods handed on from one generation to the next. The original models, prepared by Giorgio himself, form a rich sampling of the firm products, centred in particular on the production of garden ornaments and fittings, such as basins, flowerpots, pitchers, oil jars and window boxes also large-sized, fittings for interiors and handmade floor tiles in terracotta.

Fornace Impruneta

Founded by three young craftsmen, the La Torre firm, which has its woks at Falciani, produces both floor tiles and garden flowerpots, as well as ornamental terracotta pieces, some of which have a traditional style, whereas others are fancifully reinterpreted according to a more modern style.

Impruneta S.r.l.

Via Provinciale Chiantigiana, 67 – at Falciani – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 2326064
Fax +39 055 2326069

The Impruneta s.r.l. firm, founded in June 1968, produces terracotta tiles in Cottoimpruneta®, a material created by using exclusively the clay from the quarry in front of the works whose mineralogical composition gives the final product extraordinary chemical-physical qualities, such as mechanical endurance and frost resistance, extremely low absorption, inalterability to physical, chemical and atmospheric agents as well as permeability to vapour. The industrial production process is based on the extrusion of the clay mixed only with water, without any addition of oxides or enamels, so much so that any surface finishing is obtained exclusively through the different processing techniques. Besides this industrial production, the firm has maintained also a traditional line where the artefacts – oil-jars, pitchers, basins, pots and garden and indoor ornaments at large – are still handcrafted.

Sannini Impruneta S.p.A.

Via Provinciale Chiantigiana, 135 – at Ferrone – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 207076
Fax +39 055 207021

The Sannini firm, the first enterprise for industrial production of bricks and tiles, has its origins in the small kiln of a farm where Carlo Sannini Baldassarri, at the beginning of the 20th century, produced first-quality building materials in terracotta. In 1910, after a study travel in Europe, he imported some innovative machinery, thus giving rise to his “Stabilimento Meccanico per la Produzione di Laterizi”, or Mechanical Works for the Production of Bricks and Tiles, where especially bricks, roofing tiles, piping, chimneypots and ridgecaps were produced, together with handmade flowerpots and jars following traditional models. In the 30’s and 40’s ornamental terracotta items were renovated through rigorous forms in line with the architecture of the time and this production was welcomed with enthusiasm in the most important magazines of the time. Today the technological vocation of the firm is alive and well in its industrial production which takes advantage of the use of sophisticated machinery able to grant an almost absolute perfection in the moulding and gauging of the bricks and tiles. Furthermore, the collaboration with famous designers has stimulated experimentation as concerns the use of terracotta tiles in the coatings for the façades of buildings, as is the case with the innovative ventilated walls, capable of assuring natural air conditioning to the rooms.

Cotto Chiti

Via Provinciale Chiantigiana, 169 – at Ferrone – 50023 Impruneta (FI)
Tel. +39 055 207030
Fax +39 055 2072763

Born in 1980 and since 1994 part of the Gruppo Ripabianca, the Cotto Chiti firm crafts, even though in a semi-industrial context, terracotta tiles, in particular costly hand-made floor tiles, as well as garden furnishings and ornaments. All these items are exclusively produced using the local clays, dug and processed according to the traditional methods used in the area of Impruneta.